Machine Information:

Machine Maintance Procedure 

1)      All traps are test fired with White Flyer targets (Webb City, MO.).

2)      Standard ( SC-Models ) machines - Unique hinge system lowers bird from magazine to lift plate without dropping of target, with a cycle time between 2.0 – 2.2 seconds. Lift plate has equal pressure up and down to assure constant feed for consistent target presentation. Easy elevation adjustment, -5° to 60°.

3)      Rabbit machine - Very short target drop from magazine to throwing arm. Machine can throw a rabbit target on the ground to chandelle to vertical teal, with easy adjustment.  Incorporates time delay for continuous target presentation. Spring loaded target chute allows automatic target clean out for consistent target feed.

4)      SC450SS –All target plates are stainless steel. Unique hinge system lowers bird from magazine to lift plate without dropping of target, with a cycle time of 2.0 – 2.2 seconds. Easy elevation adjustment, -5° to 60°.

5)      ATA and Skeet sets – Incorporate identical mechanics as standard machines.  Mounting bases are readily adaptable in existing trap houses.  Adjustments incorporated for regulation target presentation.  Counter is standard on all ATA models.

6)      New RS-360 SS Designed without a lift plate. New Leeson motor and gearbox that proves more battery life and performance. Light weight with 0-65 degree elevation adjustment. Proven target handling system assures consistent target presentation.

7)      Heavy gauge steel construction ensures correct balance for vibration-free operation.

8)      Supportive structures on all machines are steel constructed.  Cast-type materials are used only for adjustment knobs. 

9)      All steel components are powder coated.  Powder coating is an electrostatic paint process that extends finish durability over traditional fluid applications.

10)  High quality rubber rails used to produce target rotation.

11)  American manufactured motor and gearbox assemblies. Gearbox is designed to cock mainspring direct, without chains, sprockets or external gearing.

12)  Very dependable and accurate target trajectory on all models.

13)  Instant release system without any electrical solenoids.

14)  Very simple and straightforward electric boxes and diagrams.  Electrical components are purchased from American companies.

15)  Warranty is one (1) year unconditional, parts, labor and freight. Three (3) years on the sprag (clutch bearing).  After one (1) year for the live of ownership by the original buyer, parts only.

16)  Deposit required on all orders—F.O.B. Atlanta, KS

17)  Additional brochures on each model available upon request.

18)  Reference list available upon request.

19)  Regional sales and service available. Call for details.


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